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Big S: Scented tea has a beauty
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Big S beauty changes personally, tell us to want to become beautiful, be about to be planted from everyday life make. Must use protect skin costlily to taste, want to notice the little detail in the life at ordinary times only, with respect to the appearance that can change oneself, let beautiful nowhere be absent.

Hairdressing raises colour first selection: Rose eggplant (flower of god of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces)

Rose eggplant (flower of god of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces) can eliminate exhaustion and constipation, have the effect of diuresis, stimulative metabolism. Often scented tea of drinkable rose eggplant still can conduce to the cholesterol value in reducing the blood inside body and glycerine 3 fat value, the effect that achieves disease of heart and vessels of prevention and cure.

Big S beautiful skin forgets fully: When I am drunk, can add bit of honey or rock candy, such taste are better. Bubble tea of a cup of rose, hearing light rose sweet, look at a rose to be in water slowly blossom, very comfortable. Sisters also can be liked according to the individual, deserve to get on 9 to go nuclear red jujube, smell is sweeter mellow. I drink raw ingredient only commonly do not add honey, of rock candy. The tea that does not drink is used wash a face, have an extremely weak rose taste, water is damask, the face after be being washed is slippery slippery, OK still hairdressing. And the tea that bubble crosses is to be able to stay, cool work, did small hold pillow in the arms, everyday pillow is worn the pillow of faint scent, morpheus quality also rose.

Appropriate collocation: Odd bubble, appropriate and tie-in green tea.

Develop bubble way: The leaf with one dry teaspoon, develop bubble with boiled water of a cup of boiling hot, after stew makes an appointment with ten minutes can; Can drink add brown sugar or honey is drinkable.

Spend character tea language: Be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy photographs the smelt metal colourful temptation of soul.

Purify cutaneous natural emperor tastes: Tea of chrysanthemum of foreign of one's own accord

Foreign Gan Ju provides helpful Morpheus, the effect that moist skins, before classics of ameliorable also female unwell. Can eliminate the ache that all sorts of unwell place cause, retreat irascibility, eliminate eyestrain. It is medicable blister of eczema, face, bleb and general and common skin allergy. Also can improve body dropsy at the same time, it is to purify cutaneous natural emperor is tasted.

Big S beautiful skin forgets fully: Allegedly Gan Ju is ancient Egyptian will sacrificial the emperor that gives the sun is careless. This tea is very pretty good, chrysanthemum of tipple foreign of one's own accord, still can improve dim color of skin, let skin become bright beautiful luster; Loosen disturbed body and mind at the same time, in insomnia or constant hair nightmare drinkable in the evening, can have the effect that calm the nerves. It is OK still easy solves eyestrain, the cold tea that crosses strong bubble wraps apply eye, can help purify black rim of the eye more. Still can use make calm surface film, to sensitivity skin has curative effect particularly!
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